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PK Cares Financial Solutions is a strategic partner who will provide you with the plan to prosper.  We are intensely focused on helping you to repair, build, and leverage your credit.

We create customized credit action plans for individuals and families.  We recognize there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach to credit restoration.  We take the time to understand your unique situation and implement the strategy best for you.  Our strategies help you to use the power of credit to live a prosperous life.

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We are certified experts in solving credit problems. Big or small - we can fix it!

We prepare an in-depth credit analysis to calculate and indicate areas of improvement for your credit score.  With our specialized programming, we fine-tune individualized plans to improve current credit score in as little as *45 days!  With a one-time fee of $149.00, we can start the process to financial independence and protect your newly acquired credit with one of our program options.

We correct, update and delete inaccurate, incomplete, and unverifiable information from your credit report to help improve your credit scores.

PK Cares Financial Solutions, LLC  is a register as a certified  credit repair company  through through the Credit Consultants Association.

Provide your credit reports

We need all three reports from the credit bureaus:. We love Identity IQ. For $1.00 they will give you what. you need to get started with us!



We then look at the various factors that are pulling your credit score down and provide you with actionable steps to get your score back up

We communicate for you

We use our expertise to load all of the inaccurate, misleading and unverifiable information and dispute them.



We focus on fixing your credit from start to finish. And we help you restore your bad credit through our repair and restoration program.

How we help your journey to financial freedom


Ready to experience different financial care? 

We are ready to help you to use the power of credit to live a prosperous life.

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