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MEET Parker Kaye

The Financial Strategist


Earning $80,000 annually but homeless on the streets with 3 children, ParkerKaye knew her life had been turned upside down due to bad credit.  


Bad credit had caused ParkerKaye to spend over $3,200 in security deposits alone just to rent an apartment.  


Determined to never be homeless again, she researched to find as many credit-building strategies and tactics, she could to get good credit.  In addition, she worked a second job, managing Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) programs to pay down her debts. 


She let go of the cash-only culture and learned how to leverage credit as well. 


Upon her journey to good credit, ParkerKaye vowed to never see anyone suffer the same humiliation she had.  


This experience led her to build PK Cares Financial Solutions. It is her vision to help her clients go beyond qualifying for an apartment to qualifying for a mortgage. Clients are provided unique, customized action plans and strategies that will assist with leveraging all resources (big and small) to make major changes in their lives. 


ParkerKaye was a Harlem, NY native, now residing in Houston, Texas.  She survived the streets of New York City while raising 3 children. On a single-family income, she managed to graduate from college with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology. For the last 20 years, she held a career in managing fundraising operations and accounting for charter schools in New York and Texas.  In July 2020, ParkerKaye became a Board Certified Credit Consultant.


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