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We help you leverage your current resources to obtain strong personal credit that will get you in position to prosper.



Our service teaches you how to utilize credit restoration tactics and credit building strategies you can readily implement to boost your score.



We remove the shame in having low credit score and provide you with self-reliance to secure a house, a car, open a business and more.

MEET Parker Kaye

The Certified Credit Coach

ParkerKaye is a Harlem, NY native, now residing in Houston, Texas.  She survived the streets of New York City while raising 3 children. On a single-family income, she managed to graduate from college with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology. For the last 20 years, she has held a career in managing fundraising operations and accounting for charter schools in New York and Texas. Although she brought home a middle-class income, she still struggled to find housing for her family due to a low credit score.  


Lack of a good credit score or guarantor, she was forced to go to a homeless shelter.  It was then she realized a change must come.  A new education was needed.  This realization was the catalyst that led her on a quest that ultimately equipped her with the knowledge to effectively promote social economic awareness. 


Today, ParkerKaye dedicates her time to providing credit awareness and educational empowerment by sharing her expertise with as many audiences as she can. The difference between her and other financial advisors is this, "I simply provide people with personalized strategies they can readily implement rather than presenting a solution that will not offer them any relief or success. 


Knowledge is power but you must know how and when to leverage that power."


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